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Wednesday 28th of February 2024
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لوگوی شاران

Domestic transit

This service is for internal transit to the customs of goods from one internal customs to another internal customs (sea or land border). The pre-clearance method is a customs procedure used to transfer non-customs goods from the customs office (origin) to another customs office (destination). Goods to be transited from city to city are inspected at the point of origin customs. The check of the goods is to determine whether the declared goods correspond to the sent goods or not.

Transportation companies can be used in all domestic transit affairs and the transit of goods does not necessarily have to be done by the person or the importing company.

Advantages of using shipping companies in domestic transit:

  • Save time: Due to their high experience in administrative and customs affairs, these companies can greatly shorten the transfer process.
  • Cost savings: There are many steps in domestic transit, each of which is costly. To reduce the cost of domestic transit, it is better to choose transit companies. Tariffs for the fee are approved and no additional fees will be charged.
  • Insurance support and coverage: Due to the insurance coverage of shipping companies, if the goods are damaged during the work, the damage can be received from the insurance.

If the transited goods do not reach the destination customs within the specified time, they will be considered as smuggled goods. This transit delay is only acceptable if the truck has an accident along the way.