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Tuesday 16th of July 2024
لوگوی شاران

The most experienced shipping company in Asia

لوگوی شاران

About us

Sharan International Transportation Company, with registration number 74766, was established in 1989 with a carrier and forwarding license, and as one of the most powerful, advanced and trustworthy companies in international transport affairs, it is proud to announce that it is fully aware of Sensitivity and importance of the transport industry and its special place in advancing and developing goals, has started its activities in the field of freight transport, including road transport in the field of forwarding and carrier, sea transport and shipping, and always It has taken effective steps to improve the quality of performance, provide better services and expand its scope of activity.
The company has specialized individuals and workers, committed and proficient in laws, regulations and executive regulations of transport and customs and obtaining all relevant licenses from the Ministry of Roads and Transportation, Iranian Customs, Iranian Chamber of Commerce and Industries and Mines, Iran International Transport Companies Association, Tourism Center and membership in international organizations related to the transportation industry such as Aero and Fiata, as well as having branches and representative offices in important ports of all Asian, European and American countries such as China, Japan , South Korea, Thailand, India, Malaysia, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen and Syria as well as Iraq, Turkey, Russia, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Germany , France, Croatia, England, Netherlands, Ukraine, Belgium and Canada, and also the company has a variety of facilities, including 300 covered trucks with the use of tents, tankers, insoles, rims and crushers to carry heavy and heavy loads. With experienced, hard-working staff and with years of experience and expertise, able to provide services Consulting and transportation in the field of export, import, domestic transit, foreign transit through land and road transport, sea transport, rail transport and air transport.

Area of ​​activity and capability of the company

  • Carrying out all international land transportation and foreign transit services from all the country's entry customs to neighboring countries
  • Carrying out all international road transport and domestic transit services from all border customs of the country to other domestic customs of Iran
  • Performing international maritime transport services from all important ports in all parts of the world to all border ports of Iran and vice versa
  • Performing international air transportation services from all over the world to Iran and vice versa
  • Performing international rail transportation services from all over the world to Iran and vice versa
  • Issuance of various types of international transport documents such as TIR carnet, CMR, manifest, bill of lading, etc.
  • Performing services for transporting all types of traffic, project, bulk and heavy cargo to / from all over the world to Iran
  • Performing international land and road tanker transport services in the field of transportation, transit and export of oil derivatives from / to neighboring countries
  • All the above services are provided by all types of trucks, insoles, rims, refrigerators, and ordinary 20-foot and 40-foot containers, open and refrigerated, and all kinds of wagons in bulk, LCL, retail, FCL grouping, air and ground mail, and for All kinds of export, import and transit goods are made to Iran / from all over the world in the best possible way at the request of esteemed merchants and customers with competitive and low prices.

Benefits of working with us

  • Has an experienced and skilled staff
  • Combined sea, land, rail and air transport services
  • Simultaneous provision of carrier and forwarding transportation services
  • Direct transportation of export goods without unloading and loading at the country's exit borders
  • Active presence full time, even on holidays in all branches and agencies
  • Advice to customers on how and how to ship at a reasonable price for transit and imported shipments
  • Providing online price inquiry service through the company's website and answering sales partners in less than 2 hours