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Tuesday 16th of July 2024
لوگوی شاران

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لوگوی شاران

Oil derivation transport

  • Land transportation of oil derivatives by tanker truck
  • International land and road tanker transport
  • Transportation of various petroleum derivatives
  • LPG transport services
  • Land transportation with the lowest cost and low and competitive price for gasoline exports
  • Transportation of all kinds of exported oil derivatives directly and indirectly
  • Road transport of various oil derivatives such as bitumen and petrochemicals
  • Land transport and transit by truck and tanker
  • International transport of tanker trucks
  • Packaging, unloading and loading services for all types of export and import cargo and transit of bitumen at the entry and exit borders
  • Services of transport, forwarding and delivery of goods and fuel cargo
  • Services of clearance of imported goods and cargo
  • Types of foreign transit services for oil derivatives
  • Types of domestic transit services of fuel cargo
  • Types of gasoline and bitumen export services
  • Full liability insurance for oil and oil derivatives until the final destination of the shipment
  • International transportation consulting services for petroleum products, fuels, bitumen, liquefied petroleum gas and LPC

Sharan International Land Transport Company with experience, specialization in the field of fuel transit services and export of petroleum products including LPG, bitumen, diesel, kerosene, black oil, furnace oil, fuel oil, jet fuel, jet oil, oil Basic, lubricating oils are ready to provide services.

Given the major role of oil derivatives in fuel supply and energy supply, these shipments are of particular importance to countries. More than 50% of crude oil is converted to gasoline, and in fact about 70% of crude oil is converted and consumed for transportation. Due to the sensitive and dangerous nature of petroleum products, the transportation of such materials requires special expertise, facilities and permits.

The transportation of petroleum products is mainly done by special tankers that protect these materials against environmental factors such as heat, cold, wind, rain, as well as rust.

The company has specialized personnel and active branches and advanced and standard facilities, as well as using up-to-date knowledge, the ability to transport petroleum products such as diesel, kerosene, gasoline and fuel oil, crude oil, naphtha from / to Iran to countries. Because Iraq, Iraqi Kurdistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Armenia and other countries.