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Thursday 20th of June 2024
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Air transport

Air freight is one of the safest and fastest ways to clear goods and import goods. Air freight is a safe, fast, but expensive way; For this reason, it is mostly used for sensitive or expensive goods.

In fact, according to different methods of transporting and packing goods, the cost of air freight is also different; Therefore, as a trader, if you want to use the air transportation system, you can ask the customs to offer you the least expensive method of transporting and packing the goods, and then, depending on your circumstances, the budget amount. What you intend to carry the goods and the type of goods you bought; Choose the most appropriate and best method possible.

Sharan International Transport Company has the ability to move different cargo to Iran and other countries and vice versa in this method of transportation, which is the basis of more speed and accuracy, using cooperation agreements with foreign airlines.

Aviation benefits:

The most important pillar of air transport is the safe route and its speed, which is much faster and safer than sea and land transport.

Due to the high safety of aviation, the probability of damage to goods is relatively less than the types of transportation.

Disadvantages of aviation:

The biggest problem with this type of transportation is its high cost, which usually prevents the use of this type of transportation. If the cost of delay in arriving at the destination is greater than the cost of shipping and land transportation, the use of this method of transportation is recommended to customers and owners of goods.

Air transport is usually used for relatively small and high value goods and is recommended for bulk, large and heavy goods by land and sea.

Standardization of packages for air transportation

Standardization of equipment used to transport goods in air transport is important worldwide and plays a very important role in financial and time savings. IATA member airlines have provided and provided a range of packing units or equipment (UNIT LOAD DEVICE) to facilitate the exchange of goods at various airports around the world. And the bends that exist in the cargo compartments of the aircraft according to its body shape, to be loaded and loaded.

The other types are actually containers (containers) that sometimes do not have a regular geometric shape, and finally air cargo containers that are smaller than ordinary cargo containers.

The standard and permissible dimensions of these devices are the loading capacity, the weight of the vehicle itself or the torque, and finally the number or code and abbreviations assigned to each of them are written next to them, and according to these weights and scales, it can be identified. Which type is suitable for which type of aircraft and can be loaded on it?


The air waybill or as it is called the air waybill is used only in the following cases:

To carry a single individual shipment

To carry multiple consignments that move at the same time, the consolidator - which is actually an air freighter - must issue its internal HOUSE WAYBILL.

A bill of lading or air bill of lading is a non-negotiable bill of lading consisting of three original copies and six copies (copy).

The importance of air travel

The bill of lading is the most important shipping document issued by the carrier or his authorized representative and contains the following points:

It is a strong document indicating the conclusion of a contract of carriage

It is a reason to receive goods for transportation

It is a document to declare the goods to the customs

It is a guide for airline employees on how to transport, deliver and change goods.

The validity of the roadmap starts from the moment it is signed by the parties and ends with the delivery of the consignment to the recipient contained in it.

Iraq :

Air transportation services from important airports in Iran such as Imam Khomeini Airport in Tehran - Tabriz - Kermanshah - Urmia - Mashhad - to the airports of Najaf - Karbala - Baghdad - Erbil, Sulaimaniyah, etc. are possible by this company.

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