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Thursday 20th of June 2024
لوگوی شاران

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لوگوی شاران


Export of goods or services that are produced in one country and sold to another country, and literally means the transfer of goods or sending and sending goods from one place to another, whether inside the country or from inside to outside the country in order to communicate and work with Professional markets and market professionals are across borders. The seller of goods or services is called an "exporter" and the buyer of goods or services is called an "importer". Exports are earned for foreign exchange earnings and help to balance trade and create economic balance.

Exports in terms of goods leaving the country into two categories of definite exports, which are goods that are sent abroad for sale or consumption in countries outside Iran and are exempt from customs duties and trade profits and duties and taxes, but are subject to costs. It is customs and temporary export, which is called for temporary use (for example, repair or completion of goods, participation in exhibitions) and its return to the country.