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Thursday 20th of June 2024
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One of the most important issues that should be paid special attention to in order to transport different types of cargo is to choose a truck that fits the type of cargo. Choosing the right vehicle and type of transportation helps a lot to reduce the payment costs, ease and security of cargo transportation.

Types of trucks based on axle and weight are:

Truck (East)

This truck with dimensions slightly larger than the van and with two axles and 6 wheels, can load up to 3 tons. The movement of these trucks is free at all hours of the day and night, and it is also the best option for transporting home appliances, offices and sensitive items.

Single truck (10 ton or 6 wheeled truck)

These trucks have no roof and can carry up to ten tons of cargo such as hardware, construction materials, fruits, etc. The length of the single truck room is between 5.7 to 6 meters.

Pairs (10 three-axis wheels)

If the weight of the cargo is more than the capacity of the single truck, this truck is used. These trucks can usually carry up to 15 tons of cargo.


The trailer has two parts (head or tractor and load) that the axles of the head are separate from the axles of the load. The maximum load normally carried by a trailer is about 22 tons, but they can also carry up to 25 tons.

Trailers are divided into different types based on the type of cargo, including eighteen-wheel trailers, insoles, breakers, edged trailers, transit and ،

Eighteen wheels

The loading part of the trailer is attached to the head with a joint, this type of truck is used for bulky and heavy loads, as well as for dumping and insoles.

Floor truck

The loading part of this type of trailer is used due to the lack of a wall to carry loads that are loaded by forklifts, such as carrying pallet loads, transporting stones, heavy vehicles, traffic loads, etc.

Belt breaker

It is one of the strongest types of trailers that is used in carrying heavier loads and road construction machinery due to its special condition.

Refrigerated truck

The truck is a roofed truck with cooling equipment and a generator.

Edged truck

A truck with a maximum height of the load-bearing wall of the load room is called 80 cm from the floor of the room.

Transit trailer or tent trailer

Since the cargo part of this trailer is covered by tarpaulin and can be sealed, it is used to transport customs and export cargo and heavy cargo.

Blade truck

 A truck whose load is divided into two equal halves by a longitudinal blade.

Tanker truck

 A truck is said to have a cargo compartment as a closed tank and is used to carry a variety of liquids.


It is a vehicle that pulls and moves a trailer or semi-trailer and is used to carry canopies, tankers, containers, insoles, etc.


 A type of trailer has axles commensurate with the amount of load and is used to carry very heavy loads in order to reduce the load pressure on roads, railways, as well as vehicles.